True Love is Providing Compassion For Those Who Are Suffering

The Love from Margot Foundation gives financial, medical, and spiritual support to low-income and under-insured women who have been diagnosed with a woman’s cancer.

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Our Mission

Love From Margot Foundation

We strongly believe that the best way to defeat cancer and other limiting health conditions and addictions is through natural methods. For those that choose natural methods of healing and have limited resources, we sponsor them to undergo treatment protocols at Mountains of Hope holistic healing center, our sister organization in Colombia. By addressing the entire being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – we believe everyone can restore themselves back to natural health.

We ask that you fill out an application, get it to us and we’ll go from there.


The Book

Living in Color

This work will help readers who have lost spouses deal with feelings of sorrow and helplessness, as well as those who have suffered from cancer or know someone who has. It is also a well-written, touching tale of a family’s struggle to grapple with tragic circumstances. This uplifting read includes well-developed characters and a carefully constructed narrative that manages to snag readers not just with the details of Margot’s battle with cancer, but with the story of how she and Murphy fell in love.